Trump Wins

trump winsWe thought for a little bit that crooked Hillary was going to try some funny business with the electoral college, but sure enough she didn’t have the swing to be able to do that.  She had that same swing went she went for the presidential election and struck out.

Trump is already working hard to take care of small business.  There are many different small businesses throughout the United States that are hurting despite Obama’s promises to take care of them.  Every difference profession is hurting from Plumbers in Illinois to Personal Trainers in CT.

Small businesses across the country are now able to rejoice as Obama’s rein is now over.  POTUS is actually doing a lot more work while having not even been put into office yet.  My hope is that he won’t get assassinated!  There are certainly a ton of salty Americans crying after his victory over Hillary.  If Hillary didn’t think it was in the bag the whole time than maybe she would have had a chance to take a win.

Hillary Supporters – please refrain from commenting on this topic.  We know your stance, but if you need to reach me directly than do so.



The Media is Slanted in Favor of Hillary

clinton mediaThere is no question that Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Administration have strong ties with the companies owning media coverage in the United States.  Even this supposed neutral post by the Washington Post shows that Trumps name is in the news 3 times as much than Hillary’s.  The media puts literally 300% more emphasis on Trump than Hillary.  90% of that that emphasis is negative.  The polling done on the 2016 Presidential race has Hillary winning by a landslide (which is totally false).

The reason behind these misleading polls displayed frivolously on media outlets is to persuade trump supporters not to even vote in the election.  The “Clinton Media Administration” wants you to think that Trump doesn’t have a chance to win the presidential race.  By discouraging Trump’s chance of winning, even though he’s the right man for the position, people will be less likely to show up when its time to actually vote.

It seems like this election will really come down to Wikileaks, Social Media, and current presidential influencers.  Obama is backing Hillary 100% even though in his speech in 2008 he slams Senator Clinton.  That is the president of our country who is completely contradicting himself – unbelievable!


The Trump Movement

PoliticsThe Trump Movement is here to stay.  I’m a firm believer that Trump will win this election.  I know for a fact that he needs to win this election.  Not only is Hillary not Fit for President, but Trump is the all around better candidate.  People everyday are learning that this election isn’t so much about the fact we don’t want to elect a proven liar like Hillary Clinton, but rather that we want to elect a business man who will improve our economic condition.  Trump is a business man, and he knows how to take care of his own.  He believes firmly in the importance of taking care of our veterans of war unlike like Hillary who could give two shits about the vets.

The Trump Movement is just getting started.  Yesterday, I was surfing Facebook looking for people that had as much angst against Hillary as I do when I came across a interesting person.  We all know that politics aren’t great for business.  Discussions like politics and religion are taboo office discussions because of how dividing those conversations can be.  The interesting post I found was by a Personal Trainer who blatantly states that he was for Trump.  He’s got serious guts for putting his political view out there on Facebook.  Coming from someone who has a controversial blog…  I know exactly what kind of harassment you receive for practicing your First Amendment Rights!

That Personal Trainer made some really good points on the Election, but to put your business in Jeoprady talking about religion or politics is unheard of.  The only business that should have anything to say about trump is Wikipedia.  Wikipedia’s posts on trump won’t hurt their reputation. I ended up messaging him, and finding out that he actually lost some clients from posting for Trump.  It’s amazing how much this Election will divide this country.  I’d be surprised if the posts are still up there on his website after losing those clients of his.

We Won’t Stop

I’m not stopping till Trump is elected, and neither is the Trump Movement.  Even if Hillary gets elected, which she won’t, we will stand behind Trump for 2020.  We need someone in office that has some balls, and will take care of their own people.  Trump is the answer to America’s problems.  I will personally fund & build the wall if Hillary gets elected.  Above all, the principles of the great Donald Trump will live on.

I have over 452 followers across the country who believe in the Trump Movement as powerfully as I do.  We’re not going to stop until he’s elected.

Hillary is not Fit for President

Hillary is not fit to be president.  First, she is not in good health.  The video in my previous post shows her having a seizure during a speech.  People with severe medical issues are not allowed to be in the White House.  When confronted about her issue she simply denies the claims.  We feel bad that anyone needs to go through such a demoralizing disease, but that doesn’t mean they are fit to lead this country.

The United States of America needs a strong president with a serious back bone.  We don’t need another straight politician that won’t really do anything.  Obama did next to nothing for our country, and although he was a great speaker, his words often contradicted himself. Obama care was a joke, and so was the war on Iraq.  Despite the constant news streams about the USA winning the war the facts are that we were losing.  There is no reason that we should have been over there in the first place.

Hillary is just a puppet for these huge companies that own most of the united states.

Our Media is Controlled by the ‘Big Six’

big six corporations

90% of what we read, listen, or watch is controlled by one of six companies.

  1. GE or General Electric which owns Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features.
  2. Newscorp which owns Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.
  3. Disney, the makers of Aladdin & The Lion King own the following properties: ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax and Marvel Studios.
  4. Viacom own MTV, Nick Jr, BET, CMT and Paramount Pictures.
  5. Time Warner owns CNN, HBO, Time, and Warner Bros.
  6. CBS owns these notable properties: Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL.Com, Jeopardy and 60 Minutes.

This 90% is all pointing favorable opinions for Hillary, and calling Trump (who SHOULD be president) a racist & bigot.  Since the six companies above own 90% the “Informational Diet” of 277 Million Americans it controls exactly what we read, see on the news and hear on the radio.

Small Business is Hurting

Small Business is hurting and Hillary won’t do anything about it.  She will just keep paving the way for these massive corporations to steamroll through America.  In no time they’ll be even more powerful than we are today.  To make your small business bigger you need to pay huge fees in advertising just to get your name heard because of the death grip that those big six corporations have on america.  My good friend owns a Tree Service in CT to see his website click here.  He says how unbelievable it is that a company with one of the big six‘s backing can come into an area and dominate.

Hillary will not save small business owners like my friend with his Tree Service.  Trump on the other hand is a business owner himself, and knows you need to start small.  He will boost our economy by giving these small businesses the support that they need.  We will have a macroeconomic standstill in this country, and Obama sure didn’t do anything about it.  Hillary won’t do anything about it because the big six who have her in their pocket don’t want small business taking over any of their property.


Trump for President

5 Reasons Trump will be President

  1. Trump is tough, and will stand up to the other nations.  Right now we have a spineless president who gets beat up by the other nations, and then constantly contradicts himself.  Yes, there have been many news casts from the other nations making a mockery of Trump, but there is a good reason behind that.  The UK, France, Russia – they enjoy weak american presidents.  They know that they’ll be able to easily gain american support if they choose to take it.  The last thing these countries want is Stone Cold Steve Austin for president.
  2. Trump is a businessman.  Trump isn’t just a politician like Hillary, and won’t have a seizure either.  He’s not like Bernie Sanders who would probably die in two years do to old age.  He’s built many businesses from the ground up.  Trump is a serious real estate tycoon, and more prosperous than the great Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert Kiyosaki the author of the New York times best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” says Trump is destined to be president.
  3. Trump is loyal to Americans, and only Americans.  Admittedly Trump has many supporters from the NRA like myself, and others that don’t have America’s best interest at heart.  There are certainly some of us that looking forward to seeing the dumb Mexicans try to climb up the wall.  He loves America, and will create jobs for the Americans.  Trump is a huge backer of the Veterans as well.
  4. Trump demands serious performance.  We need that kind of performance from Trump.  He’s called our governors from all over the country including shitting all over Malloy which is CT’s governor.  Trump will make sure the right people are in the right roles if he is elected.  The politicians who are straight lazy slobs aren’t looking forward to this new regime coming into power; that’s why we hear so much opposition in the news.  Hell – all the news stations are owned by the big 7 companies that own the USA.  Those big 7 companies also own Hillary Clinton.  The last thing they want is for Trump to be elected.
  5. Trump is an experienced deal maker.  America needs a serious negotiator on our side instead of some guy who struggles to speak when he has an issue with his teleprompter.  Obama is not a deal maker, he’s a good talker, but has never really done anything that hasn’t been reserved during the time of his presidency.  Trump won’t have anything be reversed on him, and you can count on it.

Vote Trump!

Hillary Rant – GO!

Hillary can suck my dick.  Not literally because she is busted.  I wouldn’t take a second look at that woman even if I was 28 beers deep on a Friday night after being married for the last 35 years.  We all know what happens when you’re married.  Imagine getting a blow from Hillary with Bill Clinton nodding off in the background like he had to sit through another one of her boring campaign speeches.  Got a good picture of that nasty sell out in your head?  Now imagine imagine her having a seizure when you’re about to blow your load.  Afterwards she’ll probably just play it off like everything is good.

End Rant – Lets Get Serious

Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president.  Clearly she is having some issues.  Should we feel bad for her?  Absolutely not – she is a crooked politician.  Does Benghazi ring a bell?  I’m not saying she deserves it, but I’m not saying that she doesn’t.  There was a girl in college that was so fat that we called her Deep Dish.  You know, like the Deep Dish pizza from Pizza Hut.  Everyone said how mean we were being to hear by making fake deep dish pizza Facebook accounts.  Did we feel bad?  No, because she was a bitch.  She was in some stupid sorority, and thought she was better than everyone else.

She should have been the nicest person in the world.  That’s usually what happens – the biggest women are the nicest ones.  Now getting back the issue we in front of us – Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is just rude to normal people.  Admittedly she’s got to be very opinionated to get people to respect her, but she also needs to be nicer.  Does she not understand that she’s busted?  I mean come on, she looks the spawn of swamp thing and a pale version of Gene Simmons.  She’s got to be nicer to get some admiration from her prospective voters.

Rant Over