Hillary is not Fit for President

Hillary is not fit to be president.  First, she is not in good health.  The video in my previous post shows her having a seizure during a speech.  People with severe medical issues are not allowed to be in the White House.  When confronted about her issue she simply denies the claims.  We feel bad that anyone needs to go through such a demoralizing disease, but that doesn’t mean they are fit to lead this country.

The United States of America needs a strong president with a serious back bone.  We don’t need another straight politician that won’t really do anything.  Obama did next to nothing for our country, and although he was a great speaker, his words often contradicted himself. Obama care was a joke, and so was the war on Iraq.  Despite the constant news streams about the USA winning the war the facts are that we were losing.  There is no reason that we should have been over there in the first place.

Hillary is just a puppet for these huge companies that own most of the united states.

Our Media is Controlled by the ‘Big Six’

big six corporations

90% of what we read, listen, or watch is controlled by one of six companies.

  1. GE or General Electric which owns Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features.
  2. Newscorp which owns Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.
  3. Disney, the makers of Aladdin & The Lion King own the following properties: ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax and Marvel Studios.
  4. Viacom own MTV, Nick Jr, BET, CMT and Paramount Pictures.
  5. Time Warner owns CNN, HBO, Time, and Warner Bros.
  6. CBS owns these notable properties: Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL.Com, Jeopardy and 60 Minutes.

This 90% is all pointing favorable opinions for Hillary, and calling Trump (who SHOULD be president) a racist & bigot.  Since the six companies above own 90% the “Informational Diet” of 277 Million Americans it controls exactly what we read, see on the news and hear on the radio.

Small Business is Hurting

Small Business is hurting and Hillary won’t do anything about it.  She will just keep paving the way for these massive corporations to steamroll through America.  In no time they’ll be even more powerful than we are today.  To make your small business bigger you need to pay huge fees in advertising just to get your name heard because of the death grip that those big six corporations have on america.  My good friend owns a Tree Service in CT to see his website click here.  He says how unbelievable it is that a company with one of the big six‘s backing can come into an area and dominate.

Hillary will not save small business owners like my friend with his Tree Service.  Trump on the other hand is a business owner himself, and knows you need to start small.  He will boost our economy by giving these small businesses the support that they need.  We will have a macroeconomic standstill in this country, and Obama sure didn’t do anything about it.  Hillary won’t do anything about it because the big six who have her in their pocket don’t want small business taking over any of their property.


Hillary – Not Fit for President

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