Hillary Rant – GO!

Hillary can suck my dick.  Not literally because she is busted.  I wouldn’t take a second look at that woman even if I was 28 beers deep on a Friday night after being married for the last 35 years.  We all know what happens when you’re married.  Imagine getting a blow from Hillary with Bill Clinton nodding off in the background like he had to sit through another one of her boring campaign speeches.  Got a good picture of that nasty sell out in your head?  Now imagine imagine her having a seizure when you’re about to blow your load.  Afterwards she’ll probably just play it off like everything is good.

End Rant – Lets Get Serious

Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president.  Clearly she is having some issues.  Should we feel bad for her?  Absolutely not – she is a crooked politician.  Does Benghazi ring a bell?  I’m not saying she deserves it, but I’m not saying that she doesn’t.  There was a girl in college that was so fat that we called her Deep Dish.  You know, like the Deep Dish pizza from Pizza Hut.  Everyone said how mean we were being to hear by making fake deep dish pizza Facebook accounts.  Did we feel bad?  No, because she was a bitch.  She was in some stupid sorority, and thought she was better than everyone else.

She should have been the nicest person in the world.  That’s usually what happens – the biggest women are the nicest ones.  Now getting back the issue we in front of us – Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is just rude to normal people.  Admittedly she’s got to be very opinionated to get people to respect her, but she also needs to be nicer.  Does she not understand that she’s busted?  I mean come on, she looks the spawn of swamp thing and a pale version of Gene Simmons.  She’s got to be nicer to get some admiration from her prospective voters.

Rant Over

Hillary Rant – GO!

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