The Media is Slanted in Favor of Hillary

clinton mediaThere is no question that Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Administration have strong ties with the companies owning media coverage in the United States.  Even this supposed neutral post by the Washington Post shows that Trumps name is in the news 3 times as much than Hillary’s.  The media puts literally 300% more emphasis on Trump than Hillary.  90% of that that emphasis is negative.  The polling done on the 2016 Presidential race has Hillary winning by a landslide (which is totally false).

The reason behind these misleading polls displayed frivolously on media outlets is to persuade trump supporters not to even vote in the election.  The “Clinton Media Administration” wants you to think that Trump doesn’t have a chance to win the presidential race.  By discouraging Trump’s chance of winning, even though he’s the right man for the position, people will be less likely to show up when its time to actually vote.

It seems like this election will really come down to Wikileaks, Social Media, and current presidential influencers.  Obama is backing Hillary 100% even though in his speech in 2008 he slams Senator Clinton.  That is the president of our country who is completely contradicting himself – unbelievable!


Media is Slanted in Favor of Hillary

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