The Trump Movement

PoliticsThe Trump Movement is here to stay.  I’m a firm believer that Trump will win this election.  I know for a fact that he needs to win this election.  Not only is Hillary not Fit for President, but Trump is the all around better candidate.  People everyday are learning that this election isn’t so much about the fact we don’t want to elect a proven liar like Hillary Clinton, but rather that we want to elect a business man who will improve our economic condition.  Trump is a business man, and he knows how to take care of his own.  He believes firmly in the importance of taking care of our veterans of war unlike like Hillary who could give two shits about the vets.

The Trump Movement is just getting started.  Yesterday, I was surfing Facebook looking for people that had as much angst against Hillary as I do when I came across a interesting person.  We all know that politics aren’t great for business.  Discussions like politics and religion are taboo office discussions because of how dividing those conversations can be.  The interesting post I found was by a Personal Trainer who blatantly states that he was for Trump.  He’s got serious guts for putting his political view out there on Facebook.  Coming from someone who has a controversial blog…  I know exactly what kind of harassment you receive for practicing your First Amendment Rights!

That Personal Trainer made some really good points on the Election, but to put your business in Jeoprady talking about religion or politics is unheard of.  The only business that should have anything to say about trump is Wikipedia.  Wikipedia’s posts on trump won’t hurt their reputation. I ended up messaging him, and finding out that he actually lost some clients from posting for Trump.  It’s amazing how much this Election will divide this country.  I’d be surprised if the posts are still up there on his website after losing those clients of his.

We Won’t Stop

I’m not stopping till Trump is elected, and neither is the Trump Movement.  Even if Hillary gets elected, which she won’t, we will stand behind Trump for 2020.  We need someone in office that has some balls, and will take care of their own people.  Trump is the answer to America’s problems.  I will personally fund & build the wall if Hillary gets elected.  Above all, the principles of the great Donald Trump will live on.

I have over 452 followers across the country who believe in the Trump Movement as powerfully as I do.  We’re not going to stop until he’s elected.

The Trump Movement

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