Trump Wins

trump winsWe thought for a little bit that crooked Hillary was going to try some funny business with the electoral college, but sure enough she didn’t have the swing to be able to do that.  She had that same swing went she went for the presidential election and struck out.

Trump is already working hard to take care of small business.  There are many different small businesses throughout the United States that are hurting despite Obama’s promises to take care of them.  Every difference profession is hurting from Plumbers in Illinois to Personal Trainers in CT.

Small businesses across the country are now able to rejoice as Obama’s rein is now over.  POTUS is actually doing a lot more work while having not even been put into office yet.  My hope is that he won’t get assassinated!  There are certainly a ton of salty Americans crying after his victory over Hillary.  If Hillary didn’t think it was in the bag the whole time than maybe she would have had a chance to take a win.

Hillary Supporters – please refrain from commenting on this topic.  We know your stance, but if you need to reach me directly than do so.



Trump Wins!!

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